[Example Sentences]:
1. The growing video onslaught is also being driven partly by advertisers.
2. The proposed rules come at a time when the financial sector is facing a growing onslaught of cyberattacks from criminals.
3. His men finally suppressed the onslaught in the early hours of Saturday morning, he added.
4. During its onslaught, IS fighters destroyed a number of ancient religious sites across the country that they claim promotes apostasy.
5. The onslaught of tech information is relentless.
6. Despite the onslaught against them, their numbers are pretty good, he said.
7. Many Iraqi units melted away in the face of the initial enemy onslaught, raising questions about how many effective units remain.
8. The statements mirror the onslaught of television advertising.
9. Only seven South Koreans were killed in onslaught while several of the 31 North Korean fighters were killed.

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