[Example Sentences]:
1. The youngest was only five, while the oldest was 26.
2. The oldest person to have one pointed at them was 85 and the oldest person actually fired on was 82.
3. The youngest was 26 and the oldest was 60.
4. The youngest was 14 and the oldest 54.
5. The youngest is 23, the oldest 79.
6. It will be left with only its oldest and least efficient models.
7. They want the option to control whether the oldest or most recent message appears at the top.
8. We were hoping to find the oldest people we could and talk to them before they were gone.
9. We were looking for the oldest African American in town, and all the time he was right here.
10. I talked with Joe about my oldest son who is also gay.
11. If confirmed, he would be the oldest justice in more than four decades to join the court.
12. The oldest known globe to represent the New World has been discovered, researchers say.
13. This makes it the oldest Neanderthal from which DNA has ever been extracted.
14. Archaeologists believe they have unearthed the oldest known music scene in Israeli history.
15. Her oldest son had not previously addressed the board.
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