[Example Sentences]:
1. With it, her odds of survival and recovery are 80% to 85%.
2. I suspect those two things were a bit at odds with one another.
3. This is at odds with the way the policy was explained previously.
4. Western officials still believe odds favor a deal after almost two years of bargaining.
5. With the odds against him, he needed the just the right player.
6. That reduced the odds of him taking the stand from very small to virtually nonexistent.
7. He believes the odds are increasing for the company to make another acquisition bid.
8. The odds of finding a job decrease the longer people are out of work.
9. So any technique that would improve these odds could save a lot of money.
10. If we find behavior to be at odds with our values, we take action.
11. The right pose and high image quality increase the odds of finding a match.
12. The odds on Trump lasting out his full term have been cut to evens.
13. Obama and Netanyahu also are at odds over Middle East peace negotiations.
14. How will those odds ever lead to a successful marriage or kids?
15. If has been loaded, odds are someone is hacking your system.
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