[Example Sentences]:
1. Those concerns have been number two or three on the list since 2011.
2. It seems like a smart thing and very much in keeping with privacy and security concerns in 2015.
3. We are not hearing concerns of a return to bubble values of the late 1990s.
4. There are concerns that what we are seeing is a repeat of what happened in December 2013.
5. We do have concerns management would use them to look for administrative violations.
6. Those same concerns were the same for public cloud computing and virtualization.
7. Many of the countries have cited security concerns as the official reason.
8. Those concerns were seen by some other investors as a buying opportunity.
9. The privacy concerns that have been brought up already about this are all worth considering.
10. One of his biggest concerns when he does call the family is how dad is doing.
11. The second security issue concerns the possible ease with which IoT end devices can be attacked.
12. Privacy and security remain big concerns when it comes to Internet of Things products and services.
13. There are also concerns that tax cuts will come in later than many expect.
14. However they have also created a new range of security concerns for IT departments.
15. Not even Apple has been able to avoid concerns about the global smartphone market. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home