[Example Sentences]:
1. Those being watched at home or in the office may complain about surveillance.
2. China is not the first to complain about the failure of the international media to use the label.
3. Swiss privacy regulators were one of the first to complain about the collection techniques.
4. Zuckerberg is pushing Facebook to evolve even as some users complain it has changed too much.
5. They used to complain, but have found favorite games and look forward to it now.
6. Users are known to complain about outages that last for minutes or hours.
7. In fact, many folks took to Apple forums to complain that the feature was disabled with the update.
8. However, users still took to Twitter to complain the tool was an invasion of their privacy.
9. The committee received hundreds, but lawmakers complain that they are heavily redacted.
10. Earlier, hundreds of football fans took to Twitter to complain about the blackout.
11. They complain there are not enough prompts, and they want more features.
12. We complain that machines are desperate to control us.
13. Uber drivers complain they are not being fairly paid.
14. They also complain that food is scarce and of poor quality.

[Antonyms]approve, commend, applaud

[Synonyms]murmur, grumble, remonstrate © 2020  Terms of Use | Home