[Example Sentences]:
1. That gives Chrome OS nearly an entire additional year to compete against Windows 8.1.
2. That way we can compete and pay our people good money and benefits.
3. Google is probably looking for a way to compete at the high end.
4. You can also find items that can help you compete against other players.
5. This in turn could make it harder for them to compete in general.
6. Many argued they needed a single company to compete effectively in the global marketplace.
7. North Korean military forces often compete to show their loyalty to the leader.
8. Or at least get them to compete with one another in virtual battlefields.
9. This would improve their ability to compete in the relevant mobile markets.
10. Employees who used to work well together are forced to compete or report on each other.
11. How successful ISPs will be in using such data to compete against Google remains an open question.
12. These companies are increasingly pursuing new businesses that compete with ours.
13. The best way to compete is not to compete.
14. In order to compete with Chromebooks, Microsoft needs to offer cheap pricing on the hardware.
15. This gap makes it difficult for traditional automakers to compete with technology leaders.

[Antonyms]share, participate

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