[Definition]: express suggestions or critics, talk about

[Example Sentences]:
1. The proposals will be open to a 45-day public comment period starting July 23.
2. Francis won praise from gays with the comment, uttered during his first press conference in 2013.
3. The comment XSS vulnerability only affects WordPress 3.9.2 and earlier versions, not WordPress 4.0.
4. The company does not plan to comment further until the time is right.
5. Amazon was not able to offer comment in time for this article.
6. The company would not comment on how many users it had before or after the change.
7. It has made no comment so far on the latest attack.
8. Police have since declined to comment other than to say they continue to investigate.
9. Apple was not immediately available for comment on whether the app would ever be removable.
10. The federal government was not immediately available for comment on the court order.
11. He said he had no comment on whether the animal was likely to be put down.
12. You will also be able to see people comment on private photos as the conversation happens.
13. The police media office did not answer calls for comment Saturday afternoon.
14. After that, it likely will be put out for public comment for several months.
15. I have no comment on what other information was stolen.

[Antonyms]confuse, obscure, mystify

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