[Example Sentences]:
1. The combination of programs helped end the Great Recession by June 2009.
2. It has to be a combination of the content and the hardware features.
3. The discovery came about because of a combination of hard work and good luck.
4. Some say a combination of new and old world retail services works best.
5. Facebook calls the combination of these two factors an interest metric.
6. We have the combination of designers who can think through challenges.
7. It has to do with a combination of temperature and color.
8. This machine is a great combination of performance power and industrial design.
9. A faster expansion needs a combination of more people working and more efficient workers.
10. She gave them out to friends with instructions to use the combination for self-care.
11. The combination will be far more meaningful for customers than either solution would be on its own.
12. He emphasized that DNA is best used in combination with fossils.
13. Any deal would likely be a combination of cash and stock, the report said.
14. It could be human error, technical problems or a combination of the two.
15. A combination of low wind and cold temperatures means there might be a deficit.

[Antonyms]division, disruption, analysis

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