[Definition]: all things collected; the act of collecting

[Example Sentences]:
1. His first collection of stories was published in 1958.
2. Microsoft made diagnostic data collection mandatory in Windows 10.
3. The new data collection means Facebook is taking stock of the things you share on the service.
4. The company said it will make its policies about data collection more clear going forward.
5. I will use it for a few hours a week until I build up my record collection again.
6. Most vendors also offer a collection of stock images you can use for your stamps.
7. Apple gives customers control over collection and use of location data on all our devices.
8. It has said that its analysis tools require the collection of data in bulk.
9. It also has an extensive music collection including new and popular titles.
10. The collection is no longer taking place, those two people said.
11. A collection was taken up for local public schools.
12. Just how valuable data collection may be for broadband companies is uncertain.
13. Before you can starting adding records to your collection you need to create fields.
14. The bill would allow the agency to operate a more targeted records collection program.
15. Swiss privacy regulators were one of the first to complain about the collection techniques.

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