[Example Sentences]:
1. However, they are usually the size of a coffee machine and can cost as much as $15,000.
2. The coffee was set to come on the next morning.
3. A worker said that was better than letting the coffee go to waste.
4. Having a coffee or lunch where both people can pay their way may be a better start.
5. They made a special request Friday to have coffee in court the judge granted it.
6. As long as people are still drinking coffee, there will be coffee waste.
7. The coffee machine operator can view consumption patterns and the health of the equipment.
8. After coffee this morning, I once again tried to figure out what could have happened.
9. That means people who stick with options like plain coffee are losing out.
10. Want to see how that coffee machine looks on your counter before you buy it?
11. Be a good citizen and buy yourself a small coffee if you need a connection.
12. Many of her staffers have switched to working in coffee shops.
13. My favorite place to work is in a coffee shop.
14. The slowdown could result in higher coffee and beer prices.
15. So is coffee good for you or not? © 2020  Terms of Use | Home