[Example Sentences]:
1. This brought on the second phase, which is what I call private cloud 2.0.
2. The company first started using AWS cloud services in March 2016.
3. Today, Microsoft is a significantly stronger player in cloud services than it was in 2011.
4. The cloud service provider made the announcement April 2.
5. This is why it ostensibly is a good fit for a cloud service such as Office 365.
6. The FCC moved to cloud services in 2015.
7. The company also sported its own cloud storage service, which discontinued in 2011.
8. In ERP, Oracle said its cloud installed base is 1,100.
9. Gartner estimates that the market for public cloud services will grow to $207 billion by 2016.
10. Public cloud will now overtake private cloud in usage between 2017 and 2018.
11. IBM expects to generate $7 billion in annual revenue from cloud computing by 2015.
12. IBM hopes to generate $7 billion in cloud revenue in 2015.
13. Creative cloud subscriptions were 833,000 compared to estimates of 697,000.
14. You need to look at how cloud can be used for your business.
15. The company said its cloud services and call services for smartphones were strong last year.

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