[Example Sentences]:
1. We only see the little clip that was released by the government.
2. The test is already underway as the clip starts and is still going strong at the end.
3. What if you want to make and share a video clip privately, one to one?
4. You can even share the audio clip through Facebook, Twitter or email.
5. The clip will be available on Snapchat for a week.
6. Tap the clip, and then swipe down on it to create a cut.
7. It needs to add users at a faster clip or it risks moving into troubled waters.
8. The clip was posted on YouTube and quickly went viral.
9. First, you can play the clip to see the default choice.
10. Both clip onto the front of the iPhone, over the camera lens.
11. Want to drag one clip on top of another, so they stack?
12. At the end of the clip, all is revealed.
13. For one, your hands are still required to individually clip each item of clothing to the machine.
14. The animated paper clip can be embedded onto any website, asking users if they need assistance.
15. You can watch this unique unfolding in the video clip below. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home