[Example Sentences]:
1. Australia introduced a formal citizenship test in 2007.
2. Most Americans who apply for New Zealand citizenship must first live in the country for five years.
3. He and his children have Canadian citizenship, but his wife is an Egyptian citizen.
4. I mean, the whole struggle with my citizenship makes it that much more meaningful.
5. An Arizona law required residents to show proof of citizenship when they registered to vote.
6. If he were to get legal status or citizenship, the son said.
7. Our government is strengthening the value of Canadian citizenship, said Mr Alexander in a statement.
8. In New Zealand, a grant of citizenship is the pathway for people without a family connection.
9. Among its many questions is one on citizenship status.
10. He is an American with dual citizenship and is in Bangladesh visiting family, he said.
11. Some changed their answers on citizenship when questioned in subsequent polls.
12. Israel grants automatic citizenship to anyone with at least one Jewish grandparent.
13. We talk about digital citizenship and positive words.
14. She also called for compulsory digital citizenship classes in schools.
15. Kalashnikov added that Russia should give Snowden citizenship and asylum. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home