[Example Sentences]:
1. So this is a good time to see what is changing in cloud computing.
2. Security is a changing game and we must come up with new strategies.
3. The technology stock market just had an important changing of the guard.
4. Now workers are coming in and changing some of those expectations within the product design.
5. He seems to believe that means changing as few words of the law as possible.
6. We know the world today is changing and we all have to adopt to change.
7. You need to look at the changing shape of the company that built them.
8. I personally feel like changing the law is going to be a good initiative.
9. The changing of the guard at any tech company is a big deal.
10. They can see that global warming is changing the world but Google isn't.
11. This can all be done without changing code or configurations.
12. That seem to have better results in changing some user behavior.
13. Apple also showed that it could respond to market demand and changing technology.
14. She said she was changing her phone number and urged other House Democrats to do the same.
15. We like the idea of not only changing the world, but saving the world. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home