[Example Sentences]:
1. The software changes came as part of iPhone OS 2.0.
2. We will announce any changes to our current program in the first part of calendar 2014.
3. To fight back, the company plans to make big changes in its smartphone strategy in 2015.
4. To address the problem, Microsoft is making some radical changes in Windows 10.
5. The changes will go into place on May 23.
6. The Google privacy policy changes went into effect March 1,2012.
7. These changes will come into effect by 2019.
8. The changes go into effect on June 15.
9. Without the impact of foreign currency changes, advertising revenue would have jumped 55%.
10. Those changes are substantial, but they pale next to the hardware changes in the Surface 2.
11. Facebook listened and simplified those changes in yet another revamp in 2013.
12. Besides the exterior changes, a lot has changed under the hood in Opera Next 15.
13. The team is now managing 500 changes to internal systems per month, compared to the previous 100.
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