[Definition]: become different

[Example Sentences]:
1. We are going to another major change even bigger than the first one, 2000-2002.
2. The first major change involves a step up from Windows Server 2008.
3. It plans to make the change by June 1.
4. The change also affected forecasts IDC has made for the years 2014-17.
5. That change raises the number of people feared dead to 304.
6. Yahoo is recommending all users should change their passwords if they have not done so since 2014.
7. However, this finding could change following the impact of a larger screen iPhone 6.
8. The ACCC will take submissions to the proposed change until March 21.
9. The change would take effect in 2019.
10. Things started to change in the mid-1980s.
11. Congress must approve the change by December 1.
12. That had to change for 2015.
13. Any change is unlikely to materialize before the program expires on April 28.
14. If you want this inside you PC, expect to get no more than a few pennies of change from $2,000.
15. That began to change last year, when the number of tech companies downtown increased from 70 to 110.

[Antonyms]fixity, identity, constancy

[Synonyms]transformation, variation, transition © 2020  Terms of Use | Home