[Example Sentences]:
1. Microsoft has said that it will cease support for Windows XP after April 8.
2. It will expire and cease working June 30.
3. If you report a lost or stolen phone, the lock will cease to work.
4. New stock listings in London are likely to all but cease while companies take stock of the damage.
5. Work will cease to be a place but a series of tasks.
6. But, many of these damaged iPhones cease to work after going through various mishaps.
7. He stopped after Motorola asked him to cease and desist.
8. Israel says that Hamas must cease rocket fire from Gaza for Israel to consider a truce.
9. The automobile soon will cease to become just a car, and turn into a living space.
10. The agreement demands that all parties cease attacks against civilians.
11. If we were to totally ignore this, we would cease to exist, he added.
12. Access to Lightroom mobile workflows will also cease to function.
13. Telstra is seeking an injunction today from the court for Optus to cease airing the ad.
14. He urged everyone to immediately cease their hostilities.
15. We call on all parties to cease hostilities immediately.

[Antonyms]begin, commence, continue

[Synonyms]end, finish, desist
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