[Example Sentences]:
1. Nintendo tries to mitigate this by offering a separate carrying case in red or blue for $12.99.
2. The company first started carrying iPhones only since March of 2013.
3. The bus was reported to have been carrying about 60 passengers although it only had seating for 40.
4. The summer of 2017 is the most logical time, since NBC is carrying the Summer Olympics in 2016.
5. He says that the group were searched by police but not found to be carrying anything.
6. We are preparing for a significant increase in calls for carrying guns.
7. At least one of them was carrying what appeared to be a wounded person.
8. The man suspected of carrying out the assault was shot in the leg.
9. The civilian court could try people for much more serious crimes carrying the death penalty.
10. At least nine people are believed to have been directly involved in carrying out the latest attacks.
11. There he prevented the senior White House officials from carrying out their plan.
12. You could be carrying an entire universe around in your head.
13. The other is intended to show how much radiation a body would get just from carrying the device.
14. You can see a rifle he was carrying and one of the American men who brought him down.
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