[Example Sentences]:
1. The total value of what I carry in my backpack is about $5000.
2. The total value of what I carry in my backpack is about $5,000.
3. The result is that the ideological balance on the court is likely to carry forward through 2016.
4. This concept will carry over to Windows 10.
5. The new sedan is expected to roll out next year, and carry a starting price of $35,000.
6. The last research craft to carry animals into space spent 12 days in orbit in 2007.
7. We will not need to carry our own devices around with us.
8. A number of the charges against him carry the death penalty.
9. It was all the customer intended to carry out and the project was already successful.
10. She says she should be able to carry an American flag and feel safe.
11. Most of us need to carry more than one passenger at least some of the time.
12. This could limit the number of devices we carry around in our pockets.
13. In some cases, users can even carry their work PC on their key rings.
14. The MacBook is one of just a few devices to carry the new USB port.
15. Our smartphones are probably one of the most expensive things we carry around each day.

[Antonyms]drop, throwdown, retard

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