[Example Sentences]:
1. Do it right and a company can even benefit from free buzz on social media.
2. I had heard the buzz about it well before the show.
3. With all the buzz around the Internet of things, companies have rushed to connect almost everything.
4. As it turns out, all that buzz can also lead to an increase in iPhone accidents.
5. The company has buzz and could be disruptive by enabling multiple clouds.
6. I heard the buzz and believed it, but the product and the demonstration still left me flabbergasted.
7. All you have to think of is how you are generating buzz and awareness about what you are doing.
8. As far as drawing buzz, the conference did not disappoint.
9. There is as much buzz on the campaign trail in Iowa about wind power as there is about ethanol.
10. When you leave, the attendant will confirm your payment on his computer and buzz you through.
11. Traffic in the Apple Store rises and falls with the buzz around the product line, analysts say.
12. Read the buzz below for some of their recommendations.
13. Online buzz can make or break movies these days.
14. Yes it has all the buzz words, but there are no barriers to entry in this field.
15. In one room under the station, thousands of plugs buzz with electricity. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home