[Definition]: a small disk to fasten clothes; a small object on a web page to handle a task when clicked

[Example Sentences]:
1. That button will return with Windows 8.1.
2. Did you notice Apple moved the power button in iPhone 6?
3. The button will only send an order alert the first time it is pushed.
4. I need to be able to push the button and see where my truck is.
5. The only function of the bottom button is to call up your list of friends.
6. A single push of a button will allow users to switch between the operating systems.
7. There is also one button on the side that matches the side button on the module.
8. The Samsung has a physical button to turn it on and the LG doesn't.
9. We do plan to change the button in the future.
10. They can take over an existing home button for this purpose.
11. You have to tap the Home button again to get to your apps.
12. The button that looks like a little target is the focus lock.
13. When you want to buy, you just click one button for the transaction.
14. Her older camera took a long time from pushing the button to actually taking the picture.
15. The testing process is started by simply pressing a large button on the exterior.

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