[Definition]: the expected income and expenditure in a specific period

[Example Sentences]:
1. Obama plans to release his budget proposals Wednesday for fiscal year 2014.
2. For budget buyers, that one configuration is unfortunately the base model, which remains at $799.
3. The £90m cost of security is being met from the overall Games budget of £472.3m.
4. The government today reported a budget that would see a deficit of AU$425 million in 2013-2014.
5. In the survey, 53% of respondents said they expected a budget increase for 2017.
6. Of course, even a budget computer will set you back $350 to $500.
7. Officials said the military budget would rise about 7% this year, the slowest pace since 2010.
8. Germany, which had a deficit of 4.2 percent of GDP in 2003, cut its way to a budget surplus by 2007.
9. A lot of the tech budget has shifted to the line of business.
10. There is no money in the current federal budget for wall construction on the site.
11. It is far better to have that relationship in advance of a budget request.
12. The move to a budget brand could be one way to address a slowing mobile sector.

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