[Example Sentences]:
1. Fujitsu hopes to bring the device to market by the end of March 2015.
2. The goal is to bring samples of Mars back to Earth by the 2020s.
3. The latest casualties bring the number of Philippine troops killed in the fighting to 58.
4. The deaths bring the total number of Israeli military casualties to 18.
5. Much of his nation had counted on him to bring home its first major title since 1993.
6. That discovery could bring the death toll to 24.
7. If that pattern continues, AWS could bring in $6.26 billion in revenues for Amazon in 2015.
8. The additions will bring the total to 280,000 by 2018.
9. Wave 2 will bring even greater speeds and wireless ranges, enabling better performance over Wave 1.
10. Bayer AG had expected Chinese permission to bring one of its new drugs to market in October 2013.
11. The cuts should bring annual savings of €3.7bn £3.2bn; $3.92bn by 2020.
12. He also told people that he was the best person to bring development.
13. What if only some people in a family plan want to bring their own phones?
14. Here are the five that we think will bring big changes within the next decade.
15. Google and Apple also have platforms that bring their mobile operating systems into car dashboards.

[Antonyms]remove, export, send

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