[Example Sentences]:
1. Of course, you can easily make your own blank song and add it to your phone.
2. The picture went blank as the engine appeared to crash directly into the camera.
3. These blank cards could then be used to withdraw thousands of dollars from ATM machines.
4. The app starts you off with a blank canvas.
5. As the game starts out, your character is a blank slate.
6. This will leave you with a blank message viewer window with no additional messages selected.
7. In this way, it can distinguish between ink and blank paper.
8. The gunman fires point blank, striking the man in the back.
9. They re often used on building faces and blank walls to publicize major events or festivals.
10. He said the driver had a blank stare on his face.
11. Now, I had a Start menu, and a bit of a blank area.
12. Have you ever stopped to think about how long you spend staring at a blank browser loading screen?
13. I mean he was just blank face.
14. If you leave either the width or height blank, the GIF will be scaled.
15. It was all blank out there.

[Antonyms]full, replete, complex

[Synonyms]bare, drear, bleak © 2020  Terms of Use | Home