[Definition]: 109 times

[Example Sentences]:
1. She noted on the call that native advertising brought in about half a billion dollars in 2015.
2. The company said it expects revenue to range from $1.06 billion to $1.1.
3. One billion devices running Windows 10.
4. In fact, it led to nearly a billion dollars loss due to poor sales of the Surface RT tablet in 2013.
5. That compares with more than 1 billion for Facebook at the end of 2012.
6. It has since has increased to $22.9 billion as of March 2017.
7. For the first time ever, more than 1 billion smartphones were shipped worldwide in 2013.
8. Analysts say the company earned $1.2 billion in adjusted profits in the five years through 2014.
9. Uber said on Friday that it lost $2.8 billion in 2016.
10. Zuckerberg lost $2.2 billion as Facebook shares dropped 3.3%.
11. Google closed its $12.5 billion acquisition of the mobile company in May 2012.
12. It had $3.7 billion of debt on its books as of May 3.
13. That was the biggest jump since a $19.9 billion rise in May 2012.
14. Greece is due to make a payment to the IMF of about 1.5 billion euros on June 30.
15. More than 50 billion things will be connected by year 2020. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home