[Example Sentences]:
1. The biggest drop was for orders from outside the eurozone, which fell 9.9%.
2. Perhaps the biggest one will be coming to your iPhone and iPad with iOS 11.
3. It was the biggest overhaul of the mobile operating system since it had launched in 2007.
4. The date has been the biggest online shopping day of the year since 2010.
5. Twitter will be the biggest technology IPO since Facebook went public in May 2012.
6. It was the biggest gain for the index since May 8.
7. When we look back a decade from now, we expect this to be the biggest story of 2013.
8. Experts said at the time it was the biggest eruption from the mountain since 1999.
9. It was the biggest overall drop in output since September 2012.
10. Here are the stories behind some of the stock markets biggest winners and losers for 2015.
11. His biggest pay package that can be gleaned from filings came in 2014.
12. The 3.8 percent rally against the dollar through yesterday is also the biggest since 2007.
13. The advance would be the biggest since the gauge surged 62 percent in 2009.
14. That was the biggest jump since a $19.9 billion rise in May 2012.
15. The 14 percent advance was the biggest annual gain since the industry began in Pennsylvania in 1859. © 2020  Terms of Use | Home