[Example Sentences]:
1. He and his family left the area for a few years before returning in the late 1960s.
2. The year before they declined by 1.4%.
3. At least you knew that routine before you took on the challenge of Windows 8.
4. It is set to debut before the end of 2013.
5. This was long before Silicon Valley took off in the 1980s.
6. He served three years before being released from prison in 2006.
7. He served less than eight years in prison before being released in 1983.
8. The latest trouble has its roots in tensions that go back long before 2011.
9. His most recent debate before that was in 2004.
10. I think organizations should fully test before taking any sort of plunge on Windows 10.
11. Unlike before, the alerts will now offer users a clear choice to decline Windows 10.
12. If this is something you have in mind, you could even start doing this before you reach Day 0.
13. State law says victims must file lawsuits seeking damages before they turn 23.
14. One million copies of the book had been distributed before it fell out of print in the 1950s.
15. Yahoo fought that court order before Mayer became CEO in 2012.


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