[Example Sentences]:
1. Mayer has bought more than 40 companies since becoming CEO in July 2012.
2. The result is only now becoming apparent with services that work across different Apple devices.
3. I think I can say we are becoming a very important force in the tech ecosystem.
4. The costs of IT security are becoming a significant tax on business.
5. The site is also becoming a platform for anger at the attacker.
6. Not with out a very high risk to that becoming public.
7. It is also becoming clear that content can be very valuable to large technology firms as well.
8. The social network has seen steady growth, with mobile users becoming a key part of its success.
9. We are ahead of the curve but we are not becoming complacent.
10. Electronics are increasingly becoming an important part of more traditional products and services.
11. Part of learning is not breaking policy and becoming a good digital citizen.
12. The most powerful technology companies are becoming even more powerful.
13. The Internet of things IoT is becoming a big business.

[Antonyms]unseemly, indecent, derogatory

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