[Definition]: notice, special care of something

[Example Sentences]:
1. The case received wide attention in the Chinese news media in 2012.
2. They are stuck out in areas where not a lot of attention is paid.
3. This is a mechanism for each company to focus more attention on the core business.
4. That allows me to be an author and focus much of my attention on writing.
5. The cloud has gotten its share of attention from Dell over the past several years.
6. I think you guys really need to pay attention to what happened in the election.
7. They did the right thing and deserve all of the attention for what they are heroes.
8. The benefit for advertisers is that users are likely to pay more attention to the ad.
9. My company did something very different I wish the industry would pay attention to.
10. The ads get almost as much attention as the game itself.
11. They can give them as much care and attention as possible.
12. The rest said they pay attention now and then or hardly at all.
13. I think perhaps she attracted the attention of someone who was very dangerous.
14. Investors pay close attention for clues to the state of the Chinese economy and policy.
15. Congress needs to pay close attention to those and ask the Obama administration hard questions.


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