[Definition]: come close; a method

[Example Sentences]:
1. It today said the new tailored approach will come into effect on June 1.
2. This was the dominant approach until about 1985.
3. Expect the same Wild West approach in the early going of iOS 11.
4. Leave that approach to the 20-somethings.
5. We are taking a different approach than some of the others in the area.
6. The company said this approach was more difficult and would take more time.
7. The House plan is not the right way to approach the policy.
8. The next step will be to test the approach in monkeys.
9. I approach my job from the only side that I was able to approach it.
10. For most countries we have a good idea of the best approach for Netflix to take.
11. He does not see one approach growing at the expense of the other.
12. This new approach to cloud backup is working out well for customers.
13. With the new approach, you must take all of an update or nothing.
14. The approach must be not to manage risk but to avoid risk from the beginning.
15. I like that approach and use it for a variety of email and social networking services.

[Antonyms]diverge, retreat, goback

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