[Definition]: applying for something; software with certain functions

[Example Sentences]:
1. That should mean overall better application performance for the Galaxy S 5.
2. In the meantime, the application container market is gearing up to cross a major milestone in 2017.
3. It also wants developers to provide company details and past application development experience.
4. The problem is how do I get my idea to a business application through my organization.
5. It is how the user moves through an application in a way that is intuitive.
6. We are running out of spectrum to give every different application its own.
7. The move is being made to boost application performance and to power big data and analytics.
8. The application available for Apple iOS and Android is free.
9. Mobile application developers need as much help as they can get.
10. The cloud also offers the ability to test a newly developed application on scale.
11. It is also working on an object storage service where organizations can keep their application data.
12. Will a mobile application and a strong mobile strategy cut it for it?
13. The company is billing the software as the first application with this capability.
14. Users will still be able to access them from the new application, Google said.
15. I think this is the perfect application for this HTC camera technology.

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