[Definition]: a plublic declaration, a formal notice

[Example Sentences]:
1. In a brief announcement this week, the company said it would shut down the service Feb 8.
2. The cloud service provider made the announcement April 2.
3. Musk also hinted at another Tesla announcement coming on June 20.
4. The upcoming announcement marks the last in a series of awards put in place by NASA in 2010.
5. After the announcement, the stocks of both companies soared to their highest levels since 2008.
6. In a related announcement, Apple said it was updating its maps capability with iOS 9.
7. Facebook is gearing up for a product announcement on June 20.
8. The announcement takes the total of HSBC share buybacks since the second half of 2016 to $5.5bn.
9. The announcement came hours after a Greece official also reported evidence being found.
10. A majority of the announcement has been focused on cloud application performance and monitoring.
11. Uber made the announcement after a week of reports around how it handles data.
12. The government in Seoul had no details about what exactly the announcement would contain.
13. The announcement of the Twitter IPO takes us into another realm.
14. The announcement Thursday was among the strongest evidence of that commitment.
15. It is not clear when a formal announcement will be made.

[Antonyms]suppression, concealment, secrecy

[Synonyms]notice, proclamation, declaration © 2020  Terms of Use | Home