HTML <input> element

<input> tag defines a data control which user can edit. It has various types, including button, checkbox, file, hidden, image, number, password, radio, reset, submit, and text. HTML5 has some new types including color, date, datetime, datetime-local, email, month, range, resarch, tel, time, url and week.

Specific attributes of <input> tag:

action file URL to process the input
autocomplete give auto suggestions when the user type in the field
autofocus automatic focus on the input field when the page loads
disabled the status of the input is disabled
height height of the input
width width of the input
list reference to a drop down data list
max maximum value of the input field
min minimal value of the input field
maxlength maximum length of the input field
multiple multiple values allowed
readonly the input field in read only, and cannot be edited
required the field is required
size character size of the field
value value of the input
checked the input checked when loads, radio and checkbox only
src URL of the input, image type only