HTML Media Event Handler Attributess

HTML Media event handlers are those that triggered by changes of video, audio or images.

For example, the following event handler "onabort" will show an alert window when the Media is paused.

<audio src="file/Ring.mp3" onpause="alert('audio stopped by user!');"
controls ></audio>

List of media event handler attributes:
Attribute NamesEvents
onabortWhen terminated
oncanplayWhen buffered
oncanplaythroughWhen buffering is not required
ondurationchangeChange of playback duration
onendedWhen play is over
onerrorError encountered
onloadeddataWhen media is loaded
onloadedmetadataWhen duration and dimensions of the media is loaded
onplayWhen play begins
onratechangeWhen playback rate changed
onseekedSeeking ended or not seeking
onseekingSeeking starts
onstalledReading data stalled
onsuspendReading data is being suspended
ontimeupdatePlaying position changed
onvolumechangeWhen volume changed
onwaitingWhen suspended temorarily