HTML <area> element

<area> tag represents an image map region which can be divided into various clickable areas.

Following is a map of USA with different time zones marked in different colors. If you click at the right side or left side of the map, you will be redirected to pacific time zone or eastern time zone page.

HTML codes:

<img src="pic/us.png" width=580 height=400 usemap=#usmap>
<map name=usmap>
<area shape=rect coords=0,0,80,300 
<area shape=rect coords=395,0,560,400 

Specific attributes of <area> tag:
alt alternative text when used with href attribute
coords Coordinates of the clickable area. rect: x1,y1,x2,y2; circ: x0,y0,radius; poly: x1,y1,x2,y2, ... xn, yn, in clockwise
href link URL of the clickable area
hreflang Base language of the URL when used with href attribute. HTML5 only
media Specifies the device media type of the URL when used with href attribute. HTML5 only
ping list of URLs separated by space. When the target URL is followed, all these URLs will be notified. HTML5 only
rel relationship between the URL and the page. HTML5 only
shape area shape, including rect, rectangle, circ, circle, poly, polygon
target How to open the URL, _blank: new window; _self: same frame; _parent: parent frameset; _top: full body of the window
type Used with href attribute, indicates the MIME type of the URL. HTML5 only