HTML Form Event Handler Attributess

HTML Form event handlers are those that triggered by changes inside a form.

For example, the following event handler "onsubmit" will show an alert Form when the form is submitted.

<form onsubmit="alert('test');">
<input type=submit value="submit">

Attribute list inside <form> ... </form>:
Attribute NamesEvents
onblurWhen form element lost focus
onchangeWhen form element change
oncontextmenuContext menu is focused, HTML5 only
onfocusWhen form element get focus
onformchangeWhen form change, HTML5 only
onforminputWhen Form get user inputs, HTML5 only
oninputWhen Form element get user inputs, HTML5 only
oninvalidWhen Form element is invalid, HTML5 only
onselectWhen Form element is selected
onsubmitWhen form is submitted