C# if else

if() {...} else if () {...} else {...} check conditions, and then execute commands that satisfy the condition. If there is only one command after the condition, {} may not be needed.

int sum=0;
int sum2=0;
int sum3=0;
for(int ii=0;ii<10;ii++)
if (ii % 2 == 0)
sum2 += ii;
sum2 *= 2;
else if (ii % 3 == 0)
sum3 += ii;
else sum += ii;

The condition must be a boolean, integer and strings are not correct.
int i=3;
if (i>5) {...}
if (i) {...} //error
bool b=true;
if (b) {...}
if (!b) {...}

C# operators for comparison:
not, if not satisfy the condition, return true
or, whether one of the conditions is satisfied
and, whether two conditions are both satisfied
Comparison operator,Less than
Comparison operator,Greater than
Comparison operator,Less than or equal to
Comparison operator,Greater than or equal to
Comparison operator,Not equal to
Comparison operator, equal
Increment, return original value. e.g. i=2;x=i++; Now x=2, i=3
Increment, return incremented value. i=2;x=++i; Now x=3, i=3
decrement, return original value. e.g. i=2;x=i--; Now x=2, i=1
decrement, return decremented value. i=2;x=--i; Now x=1, i=1
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