javascript open

javascript method will pop up a new window. window.write() method can be used to write into to the page.

var w ="","endmemo","width=500, height=80");
w.document.write(" javascript Tutorial");
Be sure that the new window is not blocked by your browser.

To open a specified URL:"index.php");,name,specs,replace)

  • url: the url to open. if it is empty, then open a new window
  • name: the new window name. _blank: new window; _parent: load into the parent frame; _self: replace current page;
  • specs: window parameters, include height, width, left, top with pixel values; and location, menubar, resizeable, scrollbars, status, titlebar, toolbar with yes or no values
  • replace: true: replace current document in the history list; creates new entry in the history list