[Example Sentences]:
1. So I made sure I had a zoom lens camera with me on my initial outings.
2. The developers say zoom is on the radar for future updates.
3. The real trouble spots are found when you zoom in or try to take photos in low light.
4. This provides a two times optical zoom, and a ten times digital zoom.
5. You can also zoom in and see the individual soldiers as they fight and die for you.
6. Just move the subject back inside this box and the camera will zoom back in to where you were.
7. You turn it to scroll through information on one screen, or zoom in on a photo in another.
8. With so much extra resolution, you can really zoom in on things without losing any image quality.
9. Now the pictures are in color, there is zoom capability and he can write on the screen.
10. One added, you can zoom and move the photo to properly center the desired part in the frame.
11. There is a cropping tool to zoom in on the area of interest on a photo.
12. To change zoom level, click the photo on the page and use the resulting zoom slider.
13. Nokia says you can zoom in on an image up to three times, with no visible loss of clarity.
14. Stand in one place with a zoom lens and you can see the world in a hundred different ways.
15. Gone are the days where voice actors were forced to zoom all over Hollywood for auditions.
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