[Example Sentences]:
1. The idea of a special legal zone came up several times during his remarks.
2. He put up the strike zone and he made it tough on us.
3. The move was seen as a step towards closing down the zone permanently.
4. Weather in the search zone was expected to be relatively good, with some cloud cover.
5. The transition zone between these two regions is called the heliosheath.
6. No firm deadline has been given for when the restricted zone will return to normal.
7. Most of them had been in a war zone, and Jordan felt far from one.
8. Others say that this is the time to flood the zone with more people, ideas and goods.
9. The zone is part of a continuous effort to push the USA and.
10. Any significant construction within the zone has to be permitted.
11. I recommend you test each zone to ensure you have your wires connected properly.
12. I immediately try to operate in the time zone that I am travelling to.
13. Anything that moves within that zone will cause the connection to fluctuate.
14. Monday through Friday shifts in a time zone that places them in Eastern Europe, Symantec said.
15. Austin said he would not recommend a buffer zone at this time. © 2024  | Terms of Use | Privacy | Home