[Example Sentences]:
1. We are united by youth two thirds of India and Africa are below 35.
2. At any time, the youth of the world may turn to another product.
3. The majority of the youth I met fighting in Syria do it for the money.
4. There is always that inherent optimism of youth that we never want to see go away.
5. I do believe there is a lot interest in Snap because they target the youth market.
6. Thousands of youth from across the globe have made their voices heard.
7. The youth entered the airport under the cover of darkness.
8. He said he returned to Vietnam to teach and help the Vietnamese youth with the new technologies.
9. He promised to help our jobless youth to get jobs, he said.
10. More Pakistani youth would prefer Islamic law or military rule than democracy, a survey suggests.
11. We spend our youth dreaming and being ambitious and trying to be this amazing person.
12. We inspire youth to be involved in careers in science and technology, Springs said.
13. He is also active as a philanthropy consultant, with focus on youth engagement.
14. He said he would emphasize to sponsors that welcoming gay youth is an important step forward.

[Antonyms]age, senility, maturity

[Synonyms]adolescence, childhood, infancy © 2024  | Terms of Use | Privacy | Home