[Example Sentences]:
1. Available in blue and yellow, red and black, and black and gray, the headphones cost about $200.
2. That big yellow number tells you how much of a shot you have against another driver.
3. The button will light up and a yellow bar will appear in the ruler.
4. You could soon be paying significantly less for New York City yellow cabs.
5. A yellow object thought to be from the plane turned out to be sea trash.
6. A green light turned yellow and it slowed to a stop.
7. It is also available in yellow gold or platinum.
8. The yellow dots are visible but hard for the naked eye to see.
9. There was yellow tape on the right and yellow tape on the left.
10. Early on Friday, yellow police tape marked off the scene of the shooting.
11. Another picture showed a yellow life jacket that had not been inflated.
12. His son showed off his own new pair of yellow soccer shoes, given to him by aid workers.
13. Many wore yellow ribbons in memory of those killed most of whom were students on a school trip.
14. The case comes with yellow highlighted trim with dark gray plastic on the remaining portions.
15. You know what happens next yellow sticky notes on their monitors.

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