[Example Sentences]:
1. Two of the children were found in the front yard of a home.
2. I could only get a yard or two inside.
3. One person wants him to get a Square credit card processor to make payments for weekly yard work.
4. The back yard is a place where dreams are made.
5. My neighbor called out to me from his yard, Williams said.
6. Her clients might have a particular neighborhood in mind, and perhaps a certain layout or yard size.
7. He also accused opponents of stealing his yard signs.
8. As the pair stood under an olive tree in the yard, a boom sounded in the distance.
9. Fortunately, the house also had a large yard, in case I want to get a dog.
10. Part of her roof was sitting in the front yard, and the siding from the front of the house was gone.
11. Later, he moved his business to the yard where he first began working 12 years earlier.

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