[Example Sentences]:
1. Hansen has denied any wrongdoing since she was arrested March 1,2015.
2. Anyone whose wrongdoing will be revealed in the investigation should be held responsible.
3. Its report concluded that there was no wrongdoing by Obama administration officials.
4. Mr Blatter has denied any wrongdoing and announced earlier this month that he will resign.
5. The companies have denied wrongdoing, saying they settled to avoid the risks of a trial.
6. No firms or traders have been accused of wrongdoing by government authorities.
7. Ms Yingluck has denied any wrongdoing in the scheme which cost Thailand billions of dollars.
8. Trump, at a rally in Florida, called the case another example of wrongdoing in a political system.
9. The princess and her husband deny any wrongdoing, and have not been charged.
10. Its report asserted no wrongdoing by Obama administration officials.
11. Home Depot did not admit wrongdoing or liability in agreeing to settle.
12. Manning contends she wanted to expose wrongdoing and provoke a policy debate.
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