[Example Sentences]:
1. We would actually make things and they would then write those things into the script.
2. I can and do write better on this system than on any other.
3. He asked me to write my name and phone number in his address book.
4. We have two apps this week that take the words you write and make them more beautiful.
5. So customers can write their own security rules and policies.
6. If it is too damaged they need to write it off.
7. The bad news was that I had to write about computers.
8. We are strong and we will write our own story together.
9. So then he allowed me to come and write the exams.
10. The firm had to write off billions and its stock lost significant value.
11. Developers will need to adopt the new system and write their software specifically for it.
12. This guarantees that the person has to write it down within five feet of their computer.
13. You cannot write about the top Android smartphones without including the Nexus reference design.
14. BlackBerry said I could write about my meeting but could not mention any specifics.
15. Data science teams will never have to write a line of code to get Web data again.


[Synonyms]indite, inscribe
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