[Example Sentences]:
1. I would argue the wrist is the right place for the technology.
2. On the one hand, this does keep your wrist in a more natural position.
3. It cut my wrist, and really hurt sitting on my hands behind my back.
4. Sports enthusiasts now have to look no further than their wrist to get an update on a game.
5. A fifth person had a minor wrist injury and was treated at the scene, he said.
6. When he lifted his wrist to his ear, I quickly realized that his Apple Watch had gone off.
7. Technology worn on the wrist has certainly led the way in wearable technologies.
8. Wearable tech is dedicated to staying on your wrist, but its face is changing fast.
9. It may revisit the space if technologies for the wrist improve, the executive said.
10. If the watch leaves your wrist, every time you access it, you have to type in a passcode.
11. It also taps you on the wrist when you need to go left or right, so you never miss a turn.
12. The OLED display spreads across your wrist in hard plastic, so it sits up on your wrist.
13. The Sport Watch band was more comfortable on my wrist and the texture richer than I expected.
14. If you flip your wrist up, the light in your palm shoots as well.
15. I think the wrist is natural.
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