[Example Sentences]:
1. Police said on Wednesday that the search for victims in the wreckage had been completed.
2. We will not believe what they say until the plane wreckage is found.
3. The search team was trying to find wreckage or some signal from the missing plane.
4. No floating wreckage has been found in the water so far.
5. Part of the wreckage was lifted from the sea a few weeks after the accident.
6. It took two years to find the main body of wreckage and the black boxes.
7. The Marines plan to bring the wreckage to the surface after its discovery.
8. The investigation will hinge on the discovery of the black boxes and the wreckage itself.
9. The wreckage of the aircraft and its components have been recovered, he said.
10. The wreckage of the plane will also be analyzed.
11. The location of the wreckage was not where official publications indicated it should be.
12. For days, clashes along routes to the wreckage site had kept investigators from reaching the site.
13. Depending on the circumstances of the crash, wreckage can be scattered over a large area.
14. Some wreckage has already been recovered, including human remains.
15. Much of the wreckage was consumed by fire, he said.
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