[Example Sentences]:
1. Riverbed wound up with $236 million in revenue in its third year, which was in 2007.
2. Also still under investigation is how the car wound up in the pond.
3. It would be a great loss for the country if it was shut or wound down.
4. There was a huge wound on the back of his head.
5. The iPad wound up at a nice house with a pool later that day.
6. She had a severe head wound, but the agency has not revealed other details about her death.
7. The guard was being treated for a wound to his neck.
8. He suffered a head wound and cuts on his arm.
9. You wound up with this whole range of things.
10. Police said a fourth victim was being treated for a gunshot wound to the foot.
11. It was wound up last month after entering voluntary administration.
12. Police said one of its officers had sustained a bullet wound, presumably fired by protesters.
13. An autopsy showed she was killed by a single gunshot wound to the chest.
14. The judges called his wound strong evidence that he participated in the arson attack.
15. The neighbor suffered a gunshot wound to the shoulder and was in good condition.

[Antonyms]heal, allay, cure

[Synonyms]hurt, injure, damage
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