[Example Sentences]:
1. It would last two years and amount to €29.1bn.
2. The difference is much more than the weight of each tablet would indicate 0.2lbs.
3. The implication was that the update would be free to customers running Windows 8.1.
4. The combined business would have annual revenues of some £1.1bn.
5. It also announced that it would leave the Japanese market in 2012.
6. Who would have said that Apple or Google would have a smartphone presence in 1998?
7. A year ago, a share of Twitter would have cost you $48.
8. I started to have days where my balance would go up by $10,000.
9. The company also said that advertising revenue growth would continue to lag user growth during 2017.
10. Musk has said Tesla would start taking orders for the car in March 2016.
11. She indicated that she would like to hold the damages trial within the first few months of 2014.
12. That would mark its first loss since going public in 2006.
13. The effort is ongoing and would be complete by June 30.
14. They said the device would sell for less than $1,000.
15. Sony would do well to maintain its position in the top 10.
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