[Example Sentences]:
1. Now, you might wonder, Why the heck do I have to worry about a modem driver in 2017.
2. That means you can store all your data and more now and worry about it later.
3. I do worry about how the same things would turn out now.
4. She began to worry that he would track her down in person.
5. No longer do customers have to worry about private keys and public addresses.
6. The worry is that the economic recovery will kill the will to reform.
7. Intelligence officers in particular have to worry about the use of that term.
8. The only thing we worry about is offering the best experience we can for our Santa trackers.
9. We worry all the time about what he is thinking while he is alone in his cell.
10. The father says they told him not to worry, that it was for the better.
11. The end result of the change is that Apple has only one version at a time to worry about.
12. In the near term, there are a lot of things to worry about.
13. I think what they have to worry about is being loved by their members and feared by politicians.
14. We do not worry about poverty when we think a larger military is necessary.
15. It could be a hit, though we worry that people may get tired of it.

[Antonyms]trust, calm, courage

[Synonyms]care, anxiety, fret
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